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Resolution 2013 – 1 of 2

Thursday, September 19th, 2013

The following resolution(s) were submitted at the Annual Conference and requires a membership approval. Resolutions that have bylaw and/or financial implications must be vote and approved by the 2/3s of the voting membership. This resolution will be available for discussion for 2 weeks, Sept 23-Oct.6). At the end of the resolution, the NACCS Board offers a PRO/CON discussion. From October 8-21, the membership will vote on the resolution. Details will be emailed to members.

Contact: Linda Heidenreich (509) 592-7098

Reducing Student Registration Fees
Whereas many of our most active members became active in the National Association for Chicana and Chicana Studies while we were either undergraduate or graduate students and received invaluable mentoring and support through the organization and
Whereas providing mentoring and professional development of the next generation of Chicana/o Studies scholars is critical to the longterm flourishing of the organization and inter-discipline and
Whereas many students now find a $90 conference registration fee prohibitive
Therefore be it resolved that beginning with the national NACCS Conference 2014, student conference registration fees be set at $50 until voted otherwise by the membership. (This has budget implications and will have to require a 2/3 vote.)

Argument PRO:
1. Appropriately recognizes the importance of NACCS in providing mentoring and professional development of the next generation of Chicana/o Studies scholars.
2. Recognizes students are particularly vulnerable among NACCS members/presenters to economic pressures

Arguments CON:
1. It does not quantify the number of members/presenters: “many students now find a $90 conference registration fee prohibitive.”
2. It does not indicate how the proposed lower fee of $50 was reached nor how it compares to student rates of other academic associations (e.g., AASA, AIS, AHA, APIA, ASA, MLA, NWA, etc.). It should also be noted that many professional organizations required that individuals be members in order to only submit a proposal for conference participation. NACCS does not require membership just to submit – it does after the proposal has been accepted.
3. It does not acknowledge alternatives for students who cannot afford the present fee, for example, encouraging faculty members to sponsor university travel funding for students.
4. It does not figure in the ever-increasing audio-visual and internet expenses requested by presenters at the conference.
5. It would necessitate and increase in fees for every other presenter group to compensate for the reduced student rate, perhaps increasing pressures on other groups making them unable to present.
6. Would have financial impact on NACCS’ limited revenue and therefore requires a 2/3 vote of approving adoption of the change.