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2014 Resolution Outcome

Thursday, June 19th, 2014

From Ed Muñoz, NACCS Secretary

A total of 134 votes were cast from a membership total of 472 (28.4%). According to the organization’s bylaws, non-consent agenda resolutions require a 2/3-majority of those voting to pass. Using standard rounding procedures (2/3 of 134=89.33), 89 yes votes is the threshold for passing the resolution.

Dr. Nohemy Solórzano-Thompson and I conducted separate and individual counts to derive the results. Our outcome concurred, there were no discrepancies in the outcome. Here are the results:

Resolution 1: Membership Notification of Action to Remove Board Member for Non-compliance of Duties-PASSES
Yes: 108 No: 22 Abstain: 4

Resolution 2: Resolution to establish an Ad Hoc Committee on Institutional Violence: PASSES
Yes: 92 No: 37 Abstain: 5

Resolution 3: Accountability, Transparency, and Democracy in NACCS Governance –DOES NOT PASS
Yes: 66 No: 59 Abstain: 9

Resolution 4: Failure to Notify NACCS Membership on Removal of 2014 Elected Chair — DOES NOT PASS
Yes: 62 No: 62 Abstain: 10

Resolution 5: Needed Accountability and Transparency from the NACCS National Board and Paid Staff — DOES NOT PASS
Yes: 61 No: 63 Abstain: 10

Dr. Carlos Guerrero, Chair recruited the assistance from Dr. Nohemy Solórzano-Thompson of Westminster College located here in Salt Lake City to assist me in this important role. She has held the office of Secretary and Chair and is a member in good standing. A third person, my Administrative Assistant (not at all affiliated with NACCS), was also identified to count votes in the event of a discrepancy in our separate counts.

Our web host xCatalyst based in Houston, Texas was instructed to send the voting file directly to me following the closing of our voting period. I received the file on Monday, June 16 shortly after the 1 pm CST voting deadline. I emailed the file to Dr. Solórzano-Thompson shortly thereafter and we both conducted an independent count of the votes for the 5 resolutions. No one else had access to the file.

Early Tuesday, June 17 Dr. Solórzano-Thompson reported her count to me, and our results concurred.

Thanks to all who voted. I am happy to answer any questions. Thank you to Dr. Solórzano-Thompson for her valuable assistance.