2014 Resolutions 4 of 5

Submitted by th Rocky Mountain Foco
Failure to Notify NACCS Membership on Removal of 2014 Elected Chair

Whereas the National Board failed to notify the NACCS membership of their action in removing* the 2013-14 Elected Chair and designating Carlos Guerrero as Chair in October 2013, and

Whereas the 2014 NACCS conference program produced by the paid National Office Staff fails to mention Cordelia Candelaria as the democratically elected 2014 NACCS Chair;

Therefore be it resolved:

    That the National Board publically explain to the assembled 2014 conference attendees their lack of communication of this important action, and
    That the National Board justify its exclusion of the NACCS members from such information, and
    That the paid National Office Staff be held accountable for their errors in program production.

Submitted by Rocky Mountain Foco
José Flores, 909.630-4798
Revised and transmitted, Monday, April 14, 2014
*See: Carlos Guerrero letter to Cordelia Candelaria dated October 28, 2013.


Note from the Board:
Resolutions were vetted and returned to the writers for revision. The vetting is important for accuracy and clarification for the intent of the resolution. However, inaccuracies remain in this resolution even after a revision by the writers. The Board felt it needed to place forth as is and that given the topic it was best to recuse itself from a Pro/Con. Please see Resolution 1 for clarification and action.

One Response to “2014 Resolutions 4 of 5”

  1. Manuel de Jesús Hernández-G. Says:

    The Thursday message, “Letter to the Membership,” from current NACCS Chair Carlos Guerrero, dated Thursday, June 12, 2014 8:58 AM, recommended a “Yes” vote for Resolution 1 and a “No” vote for Resolutions 3, 4, and 5. In doing so, he and three other Board members break with the subhead “Note from the Board,” after each of the said resolutions, which states that, for the National Board, “it was best to recuse itself from a Pro/Con.” Surely, their initial double-speak has become outright partisan and hierarchical.

    The respective titles of Resolutions 3, 4, and 5 are: “Accountability, Transparency, and Democracy in NACCS Governance,” “Failure to Notify NACCS Membership on Removal of 2014 Elected Chair,” and “Needed Accountability and Transparency from the NACCS National Board and Paid Staff.” Why do Carlos Guerrero, Susan Green, and Devón Peña, and apparently Chair-Elect Nelia Olivencia, fear the following concepts: democracy, accountability, and transparency? Has such fear moved them to manipulate and suppress voters from among the NACCS membership? What about the rights of those who pay membership dues to maintain the organization? After all, NACCS members pay the $ 10,000.00 annual salary of Executive Director Julia Curry.