2014 Resolutions 3 of 5

Submitted by the Rocky Mountain Foco
Accountability, Transparency, and Democracy in NACCS Governance

Whereas the By-Laws of the National Association for Chicana and Chicano Studies constitute the official policies and procedures for NACCS business, and

Whereas the NACCS mission is to “advance the interests and needs of the Chicana and Chicano community… [through] research in Chicana and Chicano Studies… [and] the professional interests and needs of Chicanas and Chicanos in the academy,” and

Whereas NACCS By-Laws Article III, Section 2, requires that “Members must abide by the principles of the Association set forth by these Bylaws,” and

Whereas By-Laws Article IV charges the National Board of NACCS “with the responsibility for the governance of the Association,” and “must promote the general welfare of the Association… and implement all of the Association´s policies and procedures,” and

Whereas at the 2013 midyear Board meeting in Salt Lake City, the National Board Members present violated NACCS official policies and procedures by voting 7-0 to usurp the rights of Cordelia Candelaria as elected NACCS 2012-13 Chair-Elect and as voted 2013-14 NACCS Chair by taking over her official responsibilities as Editor of the 2013 NACCS XL Conference proceedings, despite her timely execution of her duties, and

Whereas the Board s action occurred at a time when Chicana and Chicano Studies is under widespread attack by demagogues seeking to undermine major advances and accredited work of CCS, ethnic studies, and other interdisciplinary fields, and

Whereas the integrity of NACCS is especially important in the 21st century as reactionary forces are attacking the reality of changing demographics in the U.S. through anti-immigrant legislation and other regressive actions, and

Whereas for over 40 years, Cordelia Candelaria has worked for progressive social change including the establishment of Chicana/o Studies on several campuses; has produced over 200 published titles including 10 scholarly books, and has helped advance the education and careers of hundreds of students and faculty, and

Whereas Chair Candelaria had carried out effectively her NACCS responsibility to promote the scholarly integrity of Chicana/o Studies by completing ahead of schedule a prospectus of the 2013 proceedings for both the NACCS Board’s review and publisher submission, and

Whereas by October 25, 2013, Chair Candelaria also had secured an offer of a preliminary contract for publication of the 2013 proceedings in a refereed book, “Advancing from Sea to Shining !Si!: NACCS Scholarship and Activism,” and had so notified the Board, and

Whereas the Board instead chose to follow the recommendation of Assistant Executive Director Kathryn B. Reyes to post all proceedings online because it is easier than a refereed scholarly publication (per newly designated Chair Carlos Guerrero and Past Chair Susan Greene October 26 telephone call), and

Whereas in October, 2013, the NACCS National Office Staff blocked Chair Candelaria from access to the NACCS website Board thereby preventing any further proceedings editing, and

Whereas on October 26, 2013, Chair Candelaria requested a written explanation of the above actions from newly designated Chair Guerrero and received a reply signed by Dr. Guerrero that was emailed on October 31, 2013, but backdated October 28th in a PDF document whose Properties identified it as “written by J. Curry on 10/31/13 at 2:05:48 AM” and “titled Microsoft Word – Cordelia Candelaria 10/28/13.docx,” and

Whereas 2013-14 Chair Candelaria replied to designated Chair Guerrero in a memo titled “Professionalism and Scholarly Inquiry” with copies to the Board and paid National Office staff and never received any reply or acknowledgment, and

Whereas there is an urgent need for a strong, professional, ethical, and truly national association of scholars to represent and defend CCS and community constituencies at every level of academic research, classroom education, scholarly production, and public discourse, and

Whereas NACCS formerly functioned as a member/foco/and caucus-based democratic association with broad, truly national participation and rotating Board governance,

Therefore be it resolved:

    That the NACCS Membership demand accountability from the National Board and paid Staff regarding the removal of Cordelia Candelaria as the Editor of the 2013 conference proceedings,
    That NACCS Members monitor and enforce the By-Laws to ensure consistent procedures are followed in the nomination and election of representatives and officers of the National Board,
    That NACCS Members invoke NACCS By-Law XIV, Section 1, requiring that the “five-year term” and “location of a national office will be reviewed every five years,” and include independent financial audits and performance evaluations of paid staff, and
    That the 2013 memorandum on “Professionalism and Scholarly Inquiry” from 2013-14 elected Chair and NACCS Scholar Cordelia Candelaria addressing the Board s By-Laws violations be entered into the official NACCS public record and archives (see NACCS By-Laws Article XV).

Submitted by Rocky Mountain Foco
José Flores, 909.630-4798
Revised and transmitted, Monday, April 14, 2014

Note from the Board:

Resolutions were vetted and returned to the writers for revision. The vetting is important for accuracy and clarification for the intent of the resolution. However, inaccuracies remain in this resolution even after a revision by the writers. The Board felt it needed to place forth as is and that given the topic it was best to recuse itself from a Pro/Con. Please see Resolution 1 for clarification and action.

5 Responses to “2014 Resolutions 3 of 5”

  1. anonymous Says:

    From Dr. Candelaria’s own description of events at the NACCS Saturday business meeting, as the student sitting next to me said “she forgot” to attend the midyear meeting. How does a Chair forget to attend a meeting she is to chair? If she had been involved in a manner a chair should be perhaps all of this would not have happened. Given the 7-0 vote, clearly something happened to have them vote out Dr. Candelaria. I can’t imagine that removing any member is taken likely. This resolution and those that follow seem personal – in defense of Dr. Candelaria, Trying to make something right for one person is not good policy making. These resolutions are much too messy.

  2. Manuel de Jesús Hernández-G. . Says:

    The above comment by “Anonymous” is unfair and manipulative. It is unfair like the prejudiced subhead “Note from the Board” at the end of Resolutions 3, 4, and 5; such note, in reality, is a Con comment and redirects the reader to Resolution 1. As for “Anonymous,” the reader does not know who wrote the libelous comment. It could have been a Board member herself or himself. Thusly, allowing the placing of such comment is irresponsible and undemocratic on the part of National Board member who has muddied a democratic debate.

  3. C Alejandra Elenes Says:

    In all honesty, I think individuals before they engage in chisme, they should make sure they have the fact. Especially if they are hiding by anonymity. As far as I know, Cordelia did not “forget” to go to the mid-year meeting, she was given wrong information. However, in this reply I want to focus on the merits of the resolution. It asks for NACCS members to monitor and enforce the by-laws and ensure that consistent procedures are followed in the nomination and election of representatives and officers of the National Board. More importantly, the resolution asks to invoke NACCS By-Law XIV, section 1, requiring that the “five-year term” and “location of a national office be reviewed every five years.” The resolution also asks to include an independent financial audit and performance evaluations of the paid staff. At the Salt Lake City conference, as we discussed the resolutions at the business meeting, Kathy Blackmer Reyes informed the membership that in 2010 the Executive Director and national office had been evaluated. If this is the case, then, according to the By-Laws there should be an evaluation next year. We should be able to see the result of said evaluation. The resolution also calls for an independent financial audit. As members of NACCS we have the right to know about the financial status of the organization, and the board should be obligated to provide sound and professional financial reports. In order for NACCS to be a healthy and democratically/grassroots run organization (and not top down) it needs to be transparent, accountable, and accountability and democracy. We should all vote in favor of these principles.

  4. Ed Munoz Says:

    You do have to question the validity of an anonymous statement…That being said, I can understand why someone would want to remain anonymous…it very well could be a student afraid of reprimand from a professor, and it also, could be a non-tenured faculty afraid of reprimand from a tenured professor…Also, I find it hard to believe that Dr. Candelaria was given the wrong information about the mid-year meeting…My understanding, from past participation on the Central Committee (2003) as Rocky Mountain FOCO representative, is that the mid-year meeting is always on the last weekend of October…this was confirmed for me when I attended the midyear meeting in SLC this past year to report on local preparations…

  5. Manuel de Jesús Hernández-G. Says:

    Hola, Ed.

    Thanks for sharing your deduction on the unethical use of a student or an untenured faculty on the part of the staff member who allowed the posting of an unsubstantiated comment on Cordelia. A YES vote on Resolutions 3, 4, and 5–and a NO vote on Resolution 1–will put a stop to such an unprofessional practice.

    The unethical posting demonstrates once again a lack of responsibility regarding the welfare of all NACCS members. In contrast, anyone other NACCS member who wishes to submit a comment on a resolution needs to submit her or his full name and email address in order to have the desired comment posted.
    Congratulations that you got the correct information for the 2014 mid-year meeting from the staff. In reality, as recently stated by Carlos Guerrero in the text “Message to the Membership” (Thursday, June 12), you were supposed to get such information from the elected 2013 NACCS Chair, Cordelia Candelaria. Unfortunately, her constitutional powers were usurped and she was jettisoned from the said meeting. Allow me to say that Cordelia is not the first elected Board member to be provided an incorrect date by a staff members for an official meeting.

    With the manipulative use of a student or untenured faculty and the repeated incorrect date tactic in mind, I call your attention to the need for greater transparency and accountability in NACCS. Your NO vote on Resolution 1 and your YES vote on Resolutions 2, 3, 4, and 5 will surely help. The reinforcement of such principles via the last four resolutions will surely protect in the future an elected Board member from facing anger and exclusion.

    In reality, Cordelia is being attacked and ridiculed because at the 2013 Business Meeting in San Antonio, Texas, she asked for an official financial report on the organization. To date, such report has not been shared with the dues-paying members.