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Resolutions 2013 – 2 of 2

Thursday, September 19th, 2013

Contact Information: Diego Luna,  and Stephanie Arguera,

Changing Caucus Chair terms and requirements
, the Graduate Student Caucus is concerned with providing a network for graduate students, promoting communication between graduate students encouraging progressive research, and addressing issues affecting our communities,
WHEREAS, the graduate student caucus consistently has the largest membership, yet has trouble annually retaining active members,
WHEREAS, graduate students are a heterogenous group consisting of, but not limited to, doctoral students gearing towards careers in higher education and masters students seeking terminal degrees,
WHEREAS, as the various constituencies that make up graduate students have specified interests that would best be differentiated so as to better track and disseminate information pertaining to opportunities for graduate students,
THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the bylaws be changed to reflect the 2-year terms of Graduate Student Caucus CO-Chairs, one of whom will be a current MA student, the other a current doctoral student.

ARTICLE VIII 3, Section 2, 3 and Section 3 will be amended to reflect the changes detailed above
COST: No monetary implications

Arguments PRO:
1. Originated in and proposed by the Graduate Student Caucus.
2. Appropriately acknowledges the usually dissimilar programs and goals of doctoral and master’s students.
3. Recognizes that the Graduate Student Caucus could best be served by having co-chairs that represent both master’s and doctoral levels.
4. No financial impact on NACCS.

Argument CON:
1. Doesn’t indicate how the proposed change would address and/or is relevant to their concern that “the graduate student caucus…[has] trouble annually retaining active members.”
2. Would require a change of the NACCS By-Laws and therefore requires a 2/3 vote of approval to be adopted.