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2011 Resolutions – 1 of 4: Opening Blessing

Monday, September 5th, 2011

Resolution #1
Institute an opening blessing and acknowledgement of Indigenous Communities at all future NACCS annual gatherings.
Submitted by: Indigenous Caucus

WHEREAS it is important that as Chicana/o scholars, activists and community members we continue to build positive relationships and acknowledgement of Indigenous communities and the First Nations/Indigenous Peoples of each site of our annual gathering.
WHEREAS it is appropriate and respectful to begin with a traditional blessing to inaugurate the annual NACCS conference.
WHEREAS it is important to create a space that acknowledges the ancestors of each territory and/or the traditional elders and/or leaders of local Indigenous communities, inclusive of our own Xicana/o spiritual elders.
THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the annual NACCS Chair work with the annual Indigenous Caucus representatives and conference site foco representatives to ensure that every annual conference begin with a traditional blessing.

Bylaw Implications: None
Cost: We are asking NACCS to consider an appropriate financial compensation within a $50- $300 possible honorarium to be determined by the Chair and Indigenous Caucus representatives, as to what is deemed appropriate and possible during each year.

The following Pro/Con statements were produced by the Board for members to consider in their discussion and vote.

  • Pro: This resolution would institutionalize, with minimal cost to the organization, a connection to indigenous practices important to Chicana/o studies.

  • Con: This would add a mandatory cost to a conference which already subsidizes member’s conference fees.

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