Inagural Posting

Happy New Year — forward to our 36th year as an organization! This is our Inaugural posting. We hope you come to visit this blog for information not available through our primary website. This blog is a work in progress. It constitutes another form of communication for our membership.

Current activities as of 12/28, the Chair-Elect along with the Executive and Associate Executive Director meet in San Jose, California on the 29th to begin the presentation formatting of the accepted proposals. Readers received their assigned proposals a month ago. Based on their recommendations, accepted proposals will be scheduled into a preliminary program. Notification of reading outcomes and schedules will be sent out by email on January 31, 2008.

As you read in the last newsletter, Business meeting #2 has been removed from the schedule. This decision is intended to give all members the ability to participate in Association business regardless of whether they attend the annual conference and business meeting.

Prior to 1997, NACCS only had one business meeting that included Coordinating Committee (sic) introductions, Foco and Caucus reports, Coordinator and Treasurer reports, and resolutions. In 1996, during the CC Midyear meeting in Sacramento, the CC decided to separate the activities into two.

Prior to 1999, any one attending our business meetings regardless of their membership status were able to vote on resolutions. At the time the Association did not have a proper count of its membership. By 1999, the development of a member database and active membership renewals and recruitment, NACCS for the first time was able to identify who were current members. During the San Antonio meetings in 1999, the member voting card was introduced. This action was very successful and drew conference participants, who were members, to participate in the business meeting.

In 2003, for the first time NACCS moved to online voting for its leadership. Prior to 2002, the Coordinator, Treasure and Secretary were selected by the CC (from the CC body) at the end of the conference. The membership did not know who the current leadership was until the next newsletter. In 2001, the membership voted on a CC resolution to change the CC structure to include a Chair-Elect and by 2002, the first member based election of NACCS leaders would occur. The Chair-Elect would not be selected internally by the CC but rather open nominations of NACCS members were received. The 2002 Chair-Elect was a mail ballot. In 2003 the election was moved to online for member only voting.

As NACCS has grown and also continued to develop better methods to recruit and renew members, along with developing our conference registration records, our records are showing that many of our members do not attend the conference, thus not all members are able to participate in the Association’s business even if they wanted too.

With the development and reliability of electronic formats like blogs and along with our current work to develop membership participation, the NACCS leadership felt that now was a good time to move another membership activity online. Given our transition to voting for our leadership online allows us to use the same methods to vote on members resolutions. Details of how resolutions and voting will follow. We aspirer to expanding membership participation and voice through this means.

4 Responses to “Inagural Posting”

  1. Julia Says:

    Thank you. I guess there is no holiday break for some folks! Just wanted to say that it is great to know that someone is always around to help with the technological NACCS Communiques–even when everyone else is on break. Hope you have a happy new year celebration in line .

  2. LisaJustine Says:

    I am excited about making this new discussion space successful. In this spirit I have a question.

    Will this be the blog that we use to discuss resolutions? If so, I suggest that we make it accessible from within the membership area, rather than making it open to the public.

    I also have ideas about other potential problems; if SLG is who I think, she can email me since my login makes my identity obvious.

  3. anonymous Says:

    We’ve switched from blogspot to naccsonline, so in terms of the resolutions, you won’t have to post your identity when your reply. Regarding members participating – the information about the blog will only be sent to them, so hopefully that will address the issue of who participates…

  4. Felipe de Ortego y Gasca Says:

    This blog is a great idea! Also kudos for selecting Tomas Ybarra Frausto as NACCS Scholar for 2009. He is indeed most deserving of the honor.